Investors Capital

Investor capital is tough to come by in 2016! When you approach someone for that investors capital, they need to be compelled with an opportunity that is going to cause them to act. Venture capital investors, business investors, stock investors, and any other investors are more selective than ever when it comes to screening opportunities. At IML, we do our part by providing people with money to invest and give you the fair chance of commanding your slice of the pie!

That’s why at Investor Marketing Lists, you have access to the highest quality of lists anywhere. Whether you are raising money from or marketing to accredited investors, professional investors, institutional investors, individual investors or any other pocket, Investor Marketing Lists, can help you reach your target audience.

Email marketing is an excellent way to target a specific audience. Email marketing to investors is especially successful because they are usually connected 24/7 which makes them more likely to open the email and read what your company has to offer. The data included in Investor Marketing Lists, is thorough and inclusive.

Besides email address, you’ll have access to other relevant information such as phone number, address, title and in some cases assets under management or net worth. You can be sure you are purchasing a list that is best for your business needs because accurate product descriptions are added to every list including the list’s age. Each list is price at a vast market discount to provide the most value possible.