List Brokers

List brokers are a dime a dozen. But, marketing list brokers that have been out in the world raising capital themselves (like us!), understand how important it is to have good leads to prospect. Marketing lists that produce results can make your life easy and your day exciting! But, mailing list brokers that keep selling old data that doesn’t produce an ROI can make your day miserable. IML strives to provide high quality data and is in the lead generation business for the long haul. This means we desire customer satisfaction, repeat business, and certainly referrals.

Private money investment is a great source of startup capital for new businesses. Private investors invest in all venture ideas- entertainment, consulting, construction, real estate, brokerage, online businesses, etc. Private Investors usually invest based on goals, interests and location. Entrepreneurs starting up businesses should research various funding sources to ensure they find the source that is the best fit for their purposes. Private investments are estimated at approximately $140 billion annually compared to $70 billion from venture capital. Target and secure private investors, angel investors, and institutional investors, with Investor Marketing Lists premium data resources. Raising capital for a start-up business certainly presents its challenges. Current entrepreneurs certainly experience difficulties when trying to source venture capital. The standards have become more stringent as security for loans has virtually become a mandatory prerequisite for any type of funding.

Investors are an entirely different breed of consumer. Investor Marketing Lists helps you better locate and organically grow your base of investor clients including Accredited and Angel Investors

Accredited investor is defined by multiple securities laws that delineates investors permitted to invest in certain types of higher risk investments including seed money, limited partnerships, hedge funds, and angel investor networks. Accredited investors are usually wealthy individuals and organizations such as corporations, endowments and retirement plans.

In the US specifically, an individual is considered an accredited investor if they have a net worth of at least one million dollars not including the value of their residence or have made at least $200,000 per year for the past 2 years and have the expectation to make the same amount in the current year as well. The Securities Act of 1933 brought this rule into effect.