Fantastic leads are vital to growing any type of business. In the investment community, they are essential! At Investor Marketing Lists (IML) we’ve consciously (and subconsciously) been acquiring and compiling lists aggressively for the last 2 years. During that time, we realized that we own valuable data that can be monetized by many people in various industries.

That’s why we created IML! To bring you access to lists that no one else can and do it at a very affordable price so that you can be confident in a robust ROI. We understand the investment community landscape as well as anyone and that’s why we decided to focus on being the best in various areas of ONE niche market...finding investors.

Whether you are looking for institutional or retail investors, chances are we have a great list for you to start marketing to today. Why rent a database and pay a hefty annual fee when you can own the data at a fraction of the price?